PALUPA Medical is a Startup built by three Scientists (Dr. Marios Pantzaris, Mr George Loucaides and Dr. Ioannis Patrikios), with the support of Helix Business Incubator, a high tech and innovation incubator. The company was founded in 2006 and the initial goal was to design, plan, and execute a pioneer and innovative research program for the treatment of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) by investigating the safety and therapeutic effect of a nutritional-drug formulation (nutraceutical) for the disease. During the initial period, the company got involved in designing and executing all components of the Drug Development Process such as:

  • Application and approval by the Cyprus National Bioethics committee to perform clinical studies on Humans
  • Design and execution of Clinical Trials
  • Collection and Evaluation of Results
  • Final Reports and Dissemination of Results
  • Patent application with the US Patent and a PCT

The company continues its activities as a research and innovation company. At present we are involved with the Phase III randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind, multicenter clinical trial (the “MINERAL” study) of efficacy and safety; the final stage of the intervention development.

The completion of the phase III MINERAL study is estimated, according to the protocol, to be completed during the fourth quartile of 2016.

Furthermore, PALUPA Medical is involved in the research of other chronic auto-immune, neuron-degenerative deceases such as Parkinson's, Alzheimer  etc.

PALUPA Medical is dedicated to help MS patients improve their quality of lives and through innovative therapeutic approach, the holistic approach, to research and develop new pioneer interventions that are more effective, potentially able to promote recovery and without side effects. This philosophy of approach is for the first time applied towards the treatment of this chronic incurable disease. Our company is ready to give back and share an optimistic smile with those suffering and give meaning to their struggle of survival and in dreaming a better life by manufacturing and distributing the novel pioneer intervention NEUROASPIS PLP10 that has been clinically tested by PALUPA Medical.