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TOPIC: Neuroaspis discussion in the MS research community

Neuroaspis discussion in the MS research community 4 years 9 months ago #7

Hello friends. My name is Ramon, I live in Spain and I was diagnosed with MS in january 2012. My right hand had lost sensitivity in 3 fingers 2 months before, and after an MRI I got the Dx. For some time I was researching all available information through the internet on MS treatments, but I was not convinced about their efficacy nor the Adverse Effects. I work as an automotive engineer and travel quite a lot, so I preferred not to stick to an interferon or injectable treatment.

I did investigate on clinical trials being run on “non conventional” treatments, and I came across the clinical trial (Phase I/II) being done on Neuroaspis in Cyprus. You can see in the link that I attach below (dated april 2013), that there was a lot of controversy in the scientific MS community when the results of this trial was first published. The “MS establishment” was not willing to accept the fact that some natural compounds could have a more effective effect than the expensive and harmful MS approved drugs…

I did myself purchase the ingredients used by Palupa medical as separate supplements that I took daily in more or less the same dosage as the one used in the clinical trial for 2 years. Then, in may this year, I was incredibly happy to see that Neuroaspis was finally available for purchase through the european union, so I could buy it from my hometown in Spain.

As I am on no MS conventional treatment, and I want to keep my healthy status, I have had an MRI scan done yearly since diagnosis. I started with 12 lesions when I got my Dx, and after almost 4 years I have the same amount of lesions, and no further symptom. Is this all due to Neuroaspis? I cannot tell, as I also take other supplements (Vitamin D3, Vitamin B complex, Green Tea extract, Curcumin powder,…). My plan is to cut down all other supplements until I stay only with Neuroaspis and maybe vitamin D3, if the Mineral clinical trial will confirm at the end of 2016 the impressive results obtained during the phase I/II trial!
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