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TOPIC: How i use Neuroaspis

How i use Neuroaspis 4 years 10 months ago #4

I would like to share with you my experience with Neuroaspis, but before I do that it is important to share some info about my situation.
At the end of April 2015 I was hospitalized with stroke symptoms. I woke up one day with difficulties of synchronizing my right body side, and dysarthria. I spend 15 days on the hospital and did several tests. The CTC scans showed something on the left side of my brain. An MRI scan showed 6 small lesions, and one big (the one that caused the symptoms). My overall test result excluded the possibility of a stroke, or any other inflections, and my spinal tap showed unmatched oligoclonal bands. My diagnosis is still pending but I have the tag of possible MS. After I was “diagnosed with possible MS” I took for 5 days intravenous cortisone.
Before my first incident I didn’t have any other symptoms that made me suspicious that something was wrong, except from extreme headaches that was in my routine for several years. Nothing more. And from the day after my first incident I felt numbness at my right side and dizziness. Not every day, but it was often. My doctor (Marios Patzaris) suggested a list of foods to avoid, and a list of foods to enhance in my everyday diet. He also suggested me to take Omega 3-6, and vitamin b supplements. I did what he told me with some exceptions. The numbness and the dizziness were still on.
When Neuroaspis was released in the market I took it (before 4 weeks). The first 5 days I was taking also the other supplements, and then I stopped all the other supplements and continued with only Neuroaspis. Am on week forth now. Summing up my experience with this supplement is:
- I never had a day with dizziness
- I had some numbness, but it decreased dramatically comparing before taking Neuroaspis.
-Some days passed feeling absolutely nothing! It was like I was in a brake with any kind of illness.
- I feel wellness and energetic.
- so far I didn’t experience any side effects
Although, Neuroaspis comes fluid, with the texture of oil. For me, it was really hard to swallow oil that smells fish. I tried to dissolve it in my food but the taste and smell was still strong. Taking it plain was hard, and the worst part was that I felt its taste even 2-3 hours after. Then, I started experimenting with smoothies and found out that fresh ginger covers the fishlike taste, and other fruits and veggies add taste. Now I have every day a smoothie for breakfast. For 20ml of Neuroaspis I put 2-3 oranges, about 20-30 grams of ginger and 100 ml of water (that is the base of my smoothie that I never change). I always add some other fruits depending to what is available in my fridge, like bananas, carrots, cherries, peach etc.
Do I recommend Neuroaspis? For me it seems to be working at my overall wellness. I suggest giving it a try. The taste is strong, but there are healthy ways to camouflage it. That’s a clear yes from me. I will keep updating…
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How i use Neuroaspis 4 years 10 months ago #5

smoothie and 20-30gr ginger resolves the problem
Very smart Kalia

keep us informed and keep up the good job girl
thank you for the kind note
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How i use Neuroaspis 4 years 10 months ago #6

:) I hope it helped!
I suggest putting a different a section in the forum of ways-recipes people taking Neuroaspis. Also a much more convenient way to insert pictures.
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How i use Neuroaspis 4 years 8 months ago #11

I just found another excellent way of cover both smell and taste for someone that has difficulties..

I saw my wife that is also taking NEUROASPIS and had the same issue. She takes a fruit yogurt (150 gr) the small one and she transfers it in a glass containing the 20 ml dose of NEUROASPIS. She mixes that thoroughly (you can use a regular kitchen mixer or the one for Frapee coffee) and she eats it with a spoon. You feel nothing after that and you have resolved the minor problem of smell & taste. Absolutely perfect :ohmy: :ohmy: :ohmy:
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