Our company” Palupa Medical Ltd.” is pleased to announce that in an effort to promote the Neuroaspis® PLP10 in world markets has entered into an agreement with “Aniva International sa” by granting commercial rights and production of Neuroaspis® PLP10 for a number of countries including Greece.

From February 15th, Neuroaspis® PLP10 will be distributed in Greece by the company “Medical Pharmaquality” which has been selected as the exclusive distributor of the product.

Neuroaspis® PLP10 will be available for sale in the Greek market since Monday, February 15, 2016.

For more details and/or information in Greece please contact “Medical Pharmaquality” on 210-3506000 or visit www.neuroaspis.gr

For any other Countries and/or inquiries please contact Palupa Medical through this website.