Two studies on multiple sclerosis which I am working on finishing interviews (Expert Interviews) highlight a fatty acid combination with gamma-tocopherol and another highlights the use of lipoic acid.

The fatty acid formula (PLP10) is now in Phase III Clinical Trials. PLP10 is a daily dose of a 19.5 ml mixture of EPA (1650 mg)/DHA (4650 mg)/GLA (2000 mg)/LA (3850 mg)/total other Ω-3 (600 mg)/total MUFA (1714 mg) + total SFA (18:0 160 mg and 16:0 650 mg)/vitamin A (0.6 mg)/vitamin E (22 mg) plus pure γ-tocopherol (760 mg) plus citrus-aroma. After 30 months this mixture showed a 72% reduction in relapse rate and 86% reduce risk in disability progression compared to the placebo group.

Source: Prescription2014

The Interview between Kirk Hamilton and Ioannis Patrikios

Source: VitaSearch - Multiple Sclerosis Treated with Ω-3/Ω-6 Fatty Acids and Gamma-Tocopherol