Professor Patrikios received his BSc degree in Biochemistry/Pre-Medical studies from the City College of the City University of NY. He graduated with honour and awarded a scholarship for direct PhD studies at the City University of New York, USA. He specialized on Immunology, Lipids /Lipidomics and Medical Biochemistry besides the world-known Professor CS Russell.

Prof. Patrikios went through several different fellowships including research specializations /collaborations with different high reputation institutions including, Mount Sinai and Albert Einstein Medical School in New York and was awarded advanced Immunology specialization courses at Scuola Superiore d'Immunologia Ruggero Ceppellini, Italy. He also received professional certification and licensing for clinical/research Laboratory Director, Safety and Animal Handling and Use, from the New York Department of Health and Fire Department, USA. He served and continues to be an Industrial and Institutional Scientific Consultant, including Research Consultant.

Professor Patrikios, since 1986, taught courses in Biochemistry, Biology and Chemistry for Bio-oriented students, including nursing and medical students, at the City College of New York and Hostos Community College. In the year 2000 he repatriated to Cyprus and was hosted by the Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics, the department of Cytogenetics, as an independent leader of his own research team to keep on his research. He continued his research receiving research grants from National Research Foundations as well as from International/European Funds.

His broad research interests include studies on Systems Medicine, new therapies for Neurological autoimmune/inflammatory diseases, Lipid Hemagglutinins, Lectins, Immunology and Cancer. As from 2005, Prof. Patrikios got involved in the research of innovative, pioneer, holistic therapeutic approaches, through Systems Medicine of multifactorial Neurodegenerative Diseases, especially Multiple Sclerosis.

Professor Patrikios has several international academic affiliations, including Medical Schools, and he was a member of the Cyprus National Representative Committee for the European Advisory Council for Food Safety and Quality (ISO) for more than five consecutive years. He is a scientist with international reputation and is often invited as a lecturer/speaker at Universities, International Conferences and Congresses. He is affiliated as a Graduate Studies Mentor with the Institute of Brain Chemistry of London. Since 2015 is a member of the advisory board of the Academy of Forensic Medical Sciences, UK.

During the last decade he has obtained many competitive research grants and organized large research European Consortium Platforms and Clinical Trials. His 2002 research findings on the effect of frying oils as human hemagglutinins got an international interest; and have been discussed by several different National Food and Drug Administrations, including UK, and through articles in high impact Magazines such as the New Scientist. He has been appointed as a reviewer for several international scientific journals in the field of Biochemistry, Medicine, Pharmaceuticals-Therapeutics and Neurology and as a research grant reviewer. He is the solid author of University Books in Biochemistry, Medical Biochemistry and Chemistry and has published multiple peer reviewed, limited-author papers in high impact scientific journals. Professor Patrikios is also an editor for the EC Neurology journal.

Professor Patrikios is a member of several different International associations and bodies including Sigma Xi. He is the chief scientific investigator of the team which lately invented and patented the nutraceutical formula PLP10 as a new therapeutic intervention for multiple sclerosis. He is the co-Founder and Director of PALUPA Medical Ltd (a research and innovation company) and the Chief Executive Officer of the Pat. Essential Oils Enterprises (a processing company). During the last 10 years he received several national and international awards. At present, he is a Professor and the Chairman at the School of Medicine of the European University of Cyprus and affiliated as a visiting scientist at the Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics.